Merdury Biopharmaceutical Corporation

Technical Introduction

Provide the world pharmaceutical partners StackDose™ new dosage form drug development technology solutions, enabling pharmaceutical companies to produce new dosage forms with precise time-controlled dissolution, precise site absorption, and various dosage adjustments, which can not only improve the bio-availability of active pharmaceutical ingredients to achieve the best effect, but also reduce the dosage of drugs, thus reducing side effects.

Technical principle

The company's "StackDose™ platform" is divided into three parts:

  1. Through the powder formulation technology, the original dosage form of the main ingredient is changed to a special dosage form, and through the exclusive patent of powder binder and 3D powder forming technology, various kinds of tablets with special pore sizes are made, which can control the dissolution time of the drug, and can also achieve better palatability through the change of flavor modification formula and tablet structure.
  2. New drug formulations for new indications are made by the technology of compounding main ingredients to reduce the number of drugs swallowed by patients and increase their compliance with the drugs.
  3. Sealed all-in-one equipment design, combining powder supply, dust collection, cleaning and sieving into one machine, avoiding dust generation and pollution of the production environment

Unlike most traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing methods, we use a powder mix and then press the tablet, which has a fixed structure and forming method that makes it difficult to adjust the dosage and production volume of various tablets. Compared to commercially available 3D powder printing technology, we reduce the overall production space, shorten the drug production process, and provide advantages in terms of cost and time for drug development.

key technology

  • New Dose Formulation Technology

    Develop specific drug formulations that meet the production specifications of 3D printing equipment based on the properties of the active ingredient (API) and the dosage form to be developed
    .Bio-adhesive formulations
    .Powder bonding technology
    .Remediation recipe
  • Rapid disintegration drug forming structure

    Change the drug structure and increase the surface area to achieve rapid dissolution and shorten the time for accelerated drug effect. Different from the traditional tableting method, the tablet shape and dosage are fixed, difficult to swallow and slow to dissolve
    .Multilayer Pore Structure Design of Pharmaceutical Powders and Bio-adhesives
    .Powder forming technology for different dosage and flavor modification
  • Automated 3D powder printing tablet forming technology

    Simplify the production process of tablets, from powder discharge,  forming, and tablet taking to powder sieving are all completed and automated in one piece of equipment. Subvert the production form of the traditional pharmaceutical factory's assembly line, multiple process equipment, and placement space, and different from the current 3D powder printing with huge equipment and assembly line production
    .Precise discharge of powder
    .Bio-adhesive and drug powder  forming
    .Precise positioning control of multi-level tablet structure production
    .Automated tablet forming and picking
    .Automatic screening
    .Automatic cleaning and disinfection
  • Adjustable drug development smart production system