Merdury Biopharmaceutical Corporation

Areas of Expertise

Merdury has integrated a cross-disciplinary technical team, each with 10~20 years of industry-related experience

We have mastered a number of proprietary process technologies, including new dosage formulations, powder adhesion technologies, tablet structures, bio-adhesive formulations, and flavor modification formulations, etc. Through the StackDose™ new drug technology development platform, we are able to produce tablets with controlled dissolution times and precise adjustment of various dosages and formulations, which provide advantages of high efficiency, high value, and low pollution in the drug development process.

Our Advantages

1. Faster drug development
.The StackDose™ platform is used to develop new dosage forms, improve dissolution speed and dissolution rate, and accelerate drug efficacy.
.The absorption of drugs in the mouth, stomach or intestines is increased by structural or fluid changes.
.Simplify the manufacturing process and reduce the production space to reduce the time and cost of drug development and production
2. Endow new drugs with new value
.Through more accurate and flexible drug production technology, and develop special new dosage forms of drugs to enhance market competitiveness
3. Environmentally friendly manufacturing process 
.Create a dust-free and low-polluting pharmaceutical innovation process, which not only reduces air pollution and waste generation, but also saves electricity, water, and carbon, in line with the concept and goals of EGS