Merdury Biopharmaceutical Corporation

Company Profile

Founded in July 2019, Merdury Pharmaceutical focuses on the development of drugs for unmet medical needs. StackDose™, a new drug development platform, based on a 3D powder printing technology and process, and a unique drug binding formula, Merdury develops new tablet dosage forms with controlled time dissolution and precise site absorption, and improves the bioavailability of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to optimize their effects, thereby reducing the dosage of drugs used and thereby reducing side effects.


Become a leader in rapid-acting and specialty drug development
Develop faster, lower side effects, and more in line with human needs for drugs

Products and Services

Different from other drug companies, Merdury develops special dosage forms through its proprietary StackDose™ platform, focusing on the development of drugs that have not yet met the needs of specific medical treatments, which are divided into "new class II drugs, difficult generic  drugs and new drugs for new indications".

In addition, we overturn the limitations of traditional drug manufacturing processes and provide international pharmaceutical partners with contract development services for "new drug manufacturing processes for special dosage forms". Our solutions offer "simpler operations", "more precise dosing and formulation methods", and "lower production costs", with the goal of providing pharmaceutical companies with opportunities for value-added development, which in turn promotes pharmaceutical companies to invest in high value-added, high entrance barriers , and high-quality drugs, driving the global pharmaceutical industry to transform and upgrade, and enhancing international competitiveness.