Merdury Biopharmaceutical Corporation

Merdury Biopharmaceutical was invited to UC Berkeley to introduce a new drug technology platform.

【Release date:2023/9/15】

Merdury was invited to share its new drug technology platform at UC Berkeley on Aug 29,2023. We are grateful to College of Chemistry Professor Jason Ryder for his warm invitation.

Dr. Phillip Chang, Chief Marketing Officer at Merdury Biopharmaceutical shared the development technologies and the market opportunities of the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Chang also explained the differences between solid oral drugs in traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing and 3D printing pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, as well as the impact of rapid-release and sustained-release drugs on patients. At the same time, Merdury Biopharmaceutical’s new drug technology platform StackDose and applications were also introduced, allowing students understand the differences from traditional pharmaceutical production procedures and product differences.

Dr. Phillip Chang, Chief Marketing Officer at Merdury Biopharmaceutical

In the class, students actively participate in discussions and show curiosity. This event allowed students in the fields of biological sciences and chemical engineering to have a deeper understanding of the capabilities required in the biopharmaceutical pharmaceuticals industry and also provided them with valuable references for career planning.


This event also provides an opportunity for Mercury Biopharmaceutical and UC Berkeley to establish close cooperation with professors. In the future, it is expected to combine drug manufacturing process development and industrial experience with industry-university resources, knowledge, and technology, thereby promoting more cross-field exchanges and establishing diversified and in-depth industry-university strategic cooperation models. Both also hope to jointly cultivate outstanding talents in the future pharmaceutical industry and stimulate the innovative development of more technological applications.

Professor Jason Ryder(first from the left), Professor Michael Marletta(second from the left), Dr. Ted Hou(first from the right)from UC Berkeley College of Chemistry